Alexander Gabovich

Thursday, 31st August 2017, 08:00
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Position: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Ph.D, Leading Research Associate of Crystal Physics Department, Institute of Physics of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, Kyiv, Ukraine

Address: Institute of Physics of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, Nauka Avenue 46, 03028, Kiev-28, Ukraine

Phone: +38 044 525 08 20

Fax: +38 044 525 15 89

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E-mail: alexander.gabovich<AT>; gabovich<AT>

1976 Ph.D. in Physics, Institute of Physics, NASU, Kyiv.

1990 Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Institute of Low Temperature Physics, NASU, Kharkiv.

Scientific interests:

  • Solid state electronic properties, physics of superconductivity, electron theory of surface phenomena, electrochemistry
  • History and methodology of natural sciences
  • Teaching modern physics in secondary schools and universities
  • Organization of science and scientometrics


  • Winner of the "School World" publishing house award for the 2003-2004 year in the section "Simply about Complicated Issues".

Professional membership:

  • Ukrainian Physical Society from 1993 (N 1001065)
  • American Physical Society from 1996 (M60025923)
  • Ukrainian Science Club (2007)

Member of editorial boards:

  • Reviewer of All-union and then Russian abstract journal “Physics” (1976-1998)
  • Referee of American Physical Society journals
  • Referee of British Institute of Physics journals
  • Member of the high-school textbook commission of the Education and Science Ministry of Ukraine (2001-2009)

Selected publications:

  1. Book edited by A. Gabovich. Superconductors – Materials, Properties and Applications. “InTech”, Rijeka, Croatia, 2012, 440 pages.
  2. A. M. Gabovich, A. I. Voitenko. dc Josephson current for d-wave superconductors with charge density waves // Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur, 2012, v. 38, N 4, pp. 414-422.
  3. A. M. Gabovich, A. I. Voitenko. Dynamic image forces near a metal surface and the point-charge motion // Eur. J. Phys., 2012, v. 33, N 5, p. 1289–1299.
  4. A. M. Gabovich, V.M. Gun'ko, V.E. Klymenko, A. I. Voitenko. Role of dipole image forces in molecular adsorption // European Physical Journal B, 2012, v. 85, N 8, ID 284.
  5. T. Takasaki, T. Ekino, A. M. Gabovich, A. Sugimoto, S. Yamanaka, J. Akimitsu. Tunneling spectroscopy of novel layered superconductors: MgB2, Li0.48(THF)xHfNCl and related substances // Nova Science Monograph “Superconductivity: Theory, Materials and Applications”, Ed. Vladimir R. Romanovskii, ISBN 978-1-61324-843-0, 2012, Chapter 1, pp. 1-110.
  6. A. M. Gabovich, A. I. Voitenko. Charge density waves in d-wave superconductors: thermodynamics and Josephson tunneling (Review Article) // Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur, 2013, v. 39, N 3, p. 301–319.
  7. T. Ekino, A. Sugimoto, A. M. Gabovich. Scanning-tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy and break-junction tunneling spectroscopy of FeSe1–xTex // Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur, 2013, v. 39, N 3, p. 343-353.
  8. A. M. Gabovich, V. I. Kuznetsov. What do we mean when using the acronym 'BCS'? The Bardeen–Cooper–Schrieffer theory of superconductivity // Eur. J. Phys., 2013, v. 34, N 2, p. 371-382.
  9. A. M. Gabovich, M. S. Li, H. Szymczak, A. I. Voitenko. Orientation peculiarities of dc Josephson tunneling between d-wave superconductors with charge density waves // Phys. Rev. B, 2013, v. 87, N 10, p. 104503.
  10. T. Ekino, A. Sugimoto, A.M. Gabovich, H. Kinoshita, J. Akimitsu. Tunneling break-junction measurements of the superconducting gap in Y2C3 // Physica C, 2013, v. 484, p. 52-55.