Andriy Gusak

Thursday, 31st August 2017, 09:01
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Position: professor, Chair of Physics, ChNU

Address: Cherkasy, 81 Shevchenko blvd.

Phone: +38-0974571521

Fax: +38-0472372142

E-mail: amgusak<at>

1983  PhD, Institute of Metal Physics, Kiev

1992  D.Sci., Kharkiv University

Scientific interests:

  • Theory of interdiffusion
  • Kinetics of solid state reactions
  • Theory of nucleation in open systems.

Honors and Awards:

  • Honorary Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine since 1996

Professional membership:

  • Member of Ukrainian Physical Society

Selected publications:

  1. A. Gusak, M. Danielewski, A. Korbel, M. Bochniak, and N. Storozhuk, Elementary model of severe plastic deformation by KoBo process, Journal of Applied Physics, 115, 034905 (2014)
  2. A.M. Gusak, A.O. Kovalchuk, B.B. Straumal. Interrelation of depletion and segregation in decomposition of nanoparticles. Philosophical Magazine, Volume 93, Issue 14, 2013 pages 1677-1689
  3. Andriy M. Gusak, Fiqiri Hodaj, Guido Schmitz: Flux-driven nucleation at interfaces during reactive diffusion, Philosophical Magazine Letters, (2011), v.91, №10, c. 610-620. DOI:10.1080/09500839.2011.600257.
  4. A.O. Kovalchuk, A.M. Gusak, King N. Tu, Theory of repeating nucleation in point contact reactions between nanowires. Nano Letters, 10 (2010) p.4799-4806.
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