Dmytro Fedorov

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Position: Authorized representative in India, scientific consultant at Fluidtherm Technology (India) and Owner of PC LADOTHERM, Ukraine.
Address: 10-93 Arkhitektora Verbytskogo Str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 02068
Phone: +38-044-562-5114
Fax: +38-044-562-5114
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2003 Ph.D. in Industrial Heating and Thermal Physics, Gas Institute of NASU, Kyiv, Ukraine. 

Research interests: 

  • Gas thermal treatment of dispersed metals and sintered parts

    • reduction and decarbonizing
    • sintering and carbonizing
  • Аnnealing and sintering furnace building
  • Gas and water atomization of melts
  • Metallurgy of iron and copper based melts
  • Controlled gas atmospheres production
  • Scientific research of metal powder production by different methods
  • Energy conservation technology for fuel use 
  • Renewable resource of energy and energy conservation technology for fuel use

Honors and awards:

  • Prof. Tendulkar National Award (India) for the best presentation at PMAI-2006 on the theme of Hot Gas Atomization.
  • Award from the Ministry of Industry of Ukraine for personal input in the development of National Metallurgy 2009.

Professional membership: 

  • European Powder Metallurgy Association
  • Indian Powder Metallurgy Association (PMAI)
  • Ukrainian Science Club

Selected publications: 

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